Valentine’s Day at Myprotein

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On Valentine’s day you may want to amaze your darling with something that is kind, sweet and acceptable in a diet!

Here are some supplements from Myprotein’s selection of Valentine’s day gifts.

Myprotein Chocolate Hearts

The Myprotein Chocolate Hearts are tasty little Protein Chocolate Hearts with high protein content (27g/100g) but it’s low in fat and carbohydrates.

Myprotein Cupcakes

Another great surprise are the Myprotein Valentine’s Cupcakes which tastes as good as traditional cupcakes but with high protein content.

Comes in two flavours:

  • Chocolate (13.7g protein in a cupcake)
  • White Chocolate & Strawberry (12.6g protein in a cupcake)

Myprotein His Bundle

If you are looking for something bigger, a gift which is breathtaking then choose one of the Myprotein Bundles from the special Valentine’s day Bundle range.

  • Valentine’s Day – His Bundle
  • Valentine’s Day – Her Bundle
  • Weight Loss Bundle
  • Men’s Fat Loss Bundle
  • Men’s Build Muscle Bundle
  • Women’s Fat Loss Bundle
  • Men’s Transform Bundle
  • Women’s Transform Bundle
  • Women’s Build Muscle Bundle
  • Breakfast Bundle


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