BCAA 4:1:1, Vitamin D3, Impact Diet Whey and Free Delivery offer + Double Gains

Added on 27 July 2016 by Myprotein Discount Codes

Myprotein BCAA 4:1:1 Code

You still have time to get a free pack of BCAA 4:1:1 when you spend £40 or more.

Add it to your basket and use code: BCAA411

Ends on 28 July 2016.

Myprotein Vitamin D3

Free Vitamin D3 when you spend £25 and you use VITAMIND code.

Ends on 29 July 2016.

Myprotein Impact Diet Whey

The last one is Free Impact Diet Whey with your order when you spend £50.

Enter code: IDWFREE

Ends on 31 July 2016.

Free Next Day Delivery

All customers can get free UK next day delivery when they spend a minimum of £40.

Use code: NDD40

Please be aware that this offer is only available to customers with United Kingdom address.

Valid until midnight 4th August 2016.

Myprotein Alpha Men

Buy all Myprotein Pills and Amino Acids with 40% discount.

Add them to your basket and use code: PILLAMINO

This offer is valid until 4 August 2016.

Protein Wafers

The “Double Gains” offer is also running, which gives you a 2 for 1 discount on the selected products.

Add least 2 products to your basket and you get 1 free.

Use this code at checkout: DBGAINS

Ends at midnight 4 August 2016.

New products: Deluxe Energy and Moringa Tea

Added on 19 July 2016 by Myprotein Discount Codes

MyProtein Deluxe Energy

Myprotein intoduced some great new products that you must see.

Two more gels added to the new gels range. Deluxe Energy and Deluxe Energy + Caffeine.

Deluxe Energy is a Pre-, Intra workout energy gel with BCAAs, B vitamins and Electrolytes. It’s a little bit smaller (35g) than the other gels, because this is the ideal amount that you can consume fast & easy during heavy workouts. Currently it’s only available in chocolate flavour.

There is an advanced version, the Deluxy Energy + Caffeine. As you can see it’s the same like the normal one, but it’s been supercharged with caffeine to powerboost your energy levels.

This one comes in espresso flavour.

MyProtein Moringa Organic Tea

Now we have a Tea from Myprotein! It’s an organic tea from the leaves of the Moringa tree. It’s decaffeinated, high in minerals, vitamins and antioxidants.

The main question is if it has any protein content? Yes! Each 1.5g teabag contains 0.4g protein. So a regular person only have to drink 250 cups a day to have their daily protein needs. Just kidding.

It’s available in 5 delicious flavours:

  • Apple & Cinnamon
  • Cocoa
  • Honey & Vanilla
  • Original
  • Strawberry

Alonge with these new innovations, we have some new offers!

Myprotein Impact Whey Protein

You can buy all chocolate flavoured Myprotein products with 25% discount. This offer includes proteins like Impact Whey Protein and other products like Instant Oats, etc.

Add them to your basket and use code: CHOCCY

This offer is valid throughout July.

Myprotein Pina Colada Protein

You get 20% Off your entire order when you buy any new endurance products.

These endurance products are:

  • Deluxe Energy
  • Deluxe Energy + Caffeine
  • Protein Gel
  • Pina Colada flavoured Impact Whey Protein
  • ElectroFuel
  • RecoverFuel
  • Recovery Plus Elite
  • “Defeat the Heat” T-Shirt for both Men and Women

Add them to your basket and use the FUELJUL code.

Offer is valid until midnight 31 July 2016.

Defeat the heat with Pina Colada Impact Whey, New Gels, Free T-shirt

Added on 14 July 2016 by Myprotein Discount Codes

Myprotein Pina Colada Protein

Only a few weeks left and the 2016 Olympics will start in Brazil. Here is the brand new Pina Colada flavoured Impact Whey Protein.

The pouch is inspired by the Brazilian flag.

Currently you can buy it in 1Kg size.

Myprotein Electrofuel

ElectroFuel is also a new innovation. It has a mix of multiple carbohydrates, coconut water and refreshing flavours. This combination ensures that you can defeat the heat and replenish your body in the summer.

It’s available in 3 flavours:

  • Brazilian Guava
  • Lemon & Lime
  • Summer Fruits

Defeat the Heat Shaker

We also have a new, limited edition shaker. Perfect for the new, Defeat the Heat range.

Myprotein Protein Gel Recovery Plus Gel

We also got two new gels on the market: Protein Gel and Recovery Plus Elite Gel.

The Protein Gel has a 20g protein content. It’s the easiest and fastest solution to consume protein in the summer heat.

Available in two flavours:

  • Raspberry
  • Tropical

The Recovery Plus Elite Gel is a fast post workout gel with 15g protein, 20g carbohydrates, 0.1g fat and with added BCAA and electrolytes.

Comes in two flavours:

  • Cherry
  • Strawberry

We have an offer for these gels. You can buy them with 25% Off.

Add them to your basket and use code: PROGEL

Offer is valid until midnight on 21 July 2016.

MP Defeat The Heat T-Shirt
If you want a great T-Shirt then here is an offer which gives you a free “Defeat the Heat” T-Shirt when you spend £40 or more at Myprotein.

Both Men and Women version is available.

Add it to your basket and use code: DTHTEE

Offer ends on 21 July 2016.

July Myprotein offers with Peanut Butter, Impact Whey & CLA

Added on 10 July 2016 by Myprotein Discount Codes

Myprotein Peanut Butter

The very first Myprotein offer in July is a Free tub of Peanut Butter when you spend £30.

Available flavours:

  • Coconut – Crunchy
  • Original – Crunchy
  • Original – Smooth

Add it to your basket and use: MYPBKG

Offer is valid until midnight on 14 July 2016.

Myprotein Impact Whey Protein

You can save a lot when you buy Myprotein Impact Whey Protein now with up to 37% discount.

With this offer you can get the unflavoured version for only £9.99 and any flavoured for £11.08.

Add them your basket and use: IWP1KG

Offer is valid until midnight on 14 July 2016.

Myprotein CLA

You get a free tub of Myprotein CLA when you spend £25 or more.

Just add products worth £25 to your shopping cart and CLA will be automatically added to your basket when you enter the code: FREECLA

Offer ends on 11 July 2016.

We have some pure vouchers too!

You get £5 Off When You Spend £40 with: 5OFF40

£10 Off When You Spend £70 with: 10OFF70

These two offers are valid until 14 July 2016.

15% Off your entire order without any minimum spend. Use code: NJ15

This last offer is valid until 31 July 2016.

To celebrate the 2016 Euro’s Finale more than 1000 products went on sale with up to 70% discount.

No code required for this offer. Check out the discounted price of the products.

You can use other codes too to save more or to get a free gift with your order.

Flash Protein Sale combined with Mystery Discount and Clothing Sale

Added on 30 June 2016 by Myprotein Discount Codes

Myprotein Impact Whey Protein

Currently a Flash Protein Sale is running at Myprotein. You can save up to 60% Off on the rest of the protein range.

No code required for that offer, products are already discounted.

You can use an additional code with this offer. Now you can use the Mystery Discount to find out how much you can deduct from the already reduced price.

Use this at checkout: MYSTERYJUN

Both offers ends at midnight on 30 June 2016.

MyProtein Clothing

A clothing sale is also running with up to 50% Off all Myprotein clothing.

You can also take advantage of the 3 for 2 on Clothing offer.

Add 3 products to your basket, enter code at checkout and the cheapeast product will be free.

Use this at checkout: 3FOR2CLOTHING

Ends on 30 June 2016.

My Protein Flavdrops

The Deal of the week is a Free 50ml Flavdrops when you buy any unflavoured protein.

With Flapdrops you can add the taste of a flavoured protein to your unflavoured whey.

It’s good for people who are on low budget.

Available in 17 delicious flavours:

  • Apple
  • Banana
  • Chocolate
  • Chocolate Peanut Butter
  • Maple
  • Mocha
  • Peanut Butter
  • Raspberry
  • Stevia – Apple
  • Stevia – Banana
  • Stevia – Chocolate
  • Stevia – Raspberry
  • Stevia – Strawberry
  • Strawberry
  • Toffee
  • Vanilla
  • White Chocolate

Simply add an unflavoured protein and a Flavdrops of your choice to your basket. No code required, it will be automatically discounted.

This offer is valid until midnight 04 July 2016.

2 For 1 on Favourite products, 30% OFF Flavoured products and 25% OFF Everything

Added on 22 June 2016 by Myprotein Discount Codes

Instant Oats

The Double Gains offer target your favourite Myprotein products with a buy 1 get 1 free offer.

There are products such as:

  • Omega 3
  • Instant Oats
  • The brand new High Protein Chocolate
  • Euro T-shirts
  • many Amino Acids
  • Protein meals

Add them to your basket and use code: DBGAINS

Offer ends at midnight on 30 June 2016.

Myprotein Euro T-Shirts

We are at the middle of the Euro Championship and there are some great related products from Myprotein.

First, here is two Euro T-shirts for Men and Women. Both has the colors of France. These are limited T-Shirts, so you better get your before the stocks run out.

My Protein Chocolate Ball

We must mention the new Chocolate Footballs, which are beautifully designed chocolate desserts.

A pack has a 19g protein content, each ball has 1.6g and the protein is from Whey Protein Isolate.

Myprotein Aluminium Bottle

Also a great new product is the MP Aluminium bottle. Perfect for carry your sports drink during your training or wherever you go.

It’s made of durable aluminium, it has a 750ml capacity. Rubber sealed, comes with a easy grip and has a glossy metallic finish with a big logo.

You can get a free Vest with your order when you spend £30/€40.

Myprotein Mug

The weekly offer is 25% discount the Breakfast range plus you get a free Mug with your order when you buy any product from the Breakfast range.

Offer includes the following Breakfast products:

  • Protein Pancake Mix
  • Total Breakfast
  • Protein Hot Chocolate
  • Breakfast Smoothie
  • Protein Mocha
  • Protein Porridge
  • Protein Hot Latte

Add the products and your free mug to your basket and enter this code at checkout: WEEKLY

Valid until midnight 30 June 2016.

Birthday Box on sale, Free 250g Protein, Mix and Match offer, Summer Sale

Added on 15 June 2016 by Myprotein Discount Codes

Birthday Box

Did you like Myprotein’s Birthday Box? If you don’t remember then it was a Black Box packed full with products as shown on the picture.

Now it’s on sale, so you can get it for just £11.99, so you can save a total 67% Off.

The code for that offer is: BOXSALE

Myprotein Impact Whey Protein

You get a free 250g pouch of Impact Whey Protein in Chocolate Smooth flavour when you spend £30.

You don’t have to add it to your basket. It will be automatically added when you enter this code: IWP250

Ends on 29 June 2016.

Instant Oats

Also the Mix and Match offer is back. It means that you can buy any two of the selected 2.5Kg products for £40.

The discount applies to the following products:

  • Impact Whey Protein
  • Instant Oats
  • Hard Gainer
  • Micellar Casein
  • Hurricane XS
  • Total Protein
  • CarniPro
  • Total Oats & Whey
  • Vegan Blend

The coupon code for that offer is: MIX40

Valid until midnight on 23 June 2016.

Along with the Ice Cream flavours, you can buy the Strawberry flavoured products too with 25% discount in June.

The code for that is: STRAWBERRY

Available throughout June 2016.

Summer Sale

The Myprotein Summer Sale is started. Over 1000 products price was reduced with up to 70% Off. It ends on 15 June 2016, so you better hurry up!

The good news is that you can use another offer with this, so you can use other codes too.

Treat your Dad on Father’s Day

Added on 8 June 2016 by Myprotein Discount Codes

Myprotein Men Performance Short Sleeve Top

On this father’s day you can buy great products from the Myprotein Men’s clothing range with huge discounts.

You get 25% Off all Men’s Clothing and Accessories.

Use this code at checkout: PRESENTS

Also there is a 30% Off on all Bags and Holdalls.

Use this code for that offer: GIFTBAG

Offer ends at midnight on 19 June 2016.

Myprotein Black Barrel Bag

Customers who spend £30 are eligible to get a free Myprotein Black Barrel bag with their order. Perfect to fill with MP clothing.

The bag will be automatically added to your basket when you use this code: DADSGIFT

Valid until midnight 19 June 2016.

Myprotein Creatine Monohydrate

The deal of the week is 25% Off the Myprotein Creatine products. This range covers a large number of products, so be sure to check out the entire line-up.

Use this code at checkout: WEEKLY

Only valid on this week until 13 June 2016.

Myprotein Impact Whey Protein

Don’t miss the current offer for protein powders. In this one you can buy all Proteins with 30% discount.

The code for that is: PROPOW

Ends on 15 June 2016.

June offers: Protein Chocolate, New Impact Whey flavours and more

Added on 1 June 2016 by Myprotein Discount Codes

Myprotein High Protein Chocolate

On the last week Myprotein introduced their new Protein Chocolate!

Looks quite good! It’s a chocolate bar with added whey protein powder. Because of the added protein, 100g of this chocolate has a 19g protein content along with only 25g carbohydrates and 35g fat which is from the cocoa content which is 55%. Much better than any other traditional chocolates.

Now it’s on offer: You can get one of this chocolate when you spend £15.

Use this code at checkout: MYGIFT

This offer is valid until midnight on 3rd June 2016.

Myprotein Impact Whey Protein

New flavours was also revealed for Impact Whey Protein. Some of them are available with 25% discount. No code required for that offer, the selected products are already discounted until 3rd June 2016.

Choose from these flavours:

  • Birthday Cake
  • Chocolate Cake
  • Coco Cereal
  • Fruity Cereal
  • Victoria Sponge Cake

Plus you can get all coconut flavoured products with 20% Off. Use code: COCONUTTY

My Protein Thermo ExtremeCustomers can get a free pot of MP Thermo-Extreme if they spend £50 or more.

Use this code at checkout: EXTREME

Valid until midnight on 9 June 2016.

My Protein Energy Bar

The deal of the week is 25% Off Energy Gels, Bars and Shots.

You can choose from these:

  • L Carnitine Shot
  • Energy Shot
  • Energy Bar (12 x 60g)
  • ENER:GEL + Caffeine
  • Protein Flapjack (12 x 80g)

Use this code: WEEKLY

This offer ends on 6 June 2016.

Myprotein Ice Cream flavours

The flavour of the month is Ice Cream flavours. You can buy all of these products with 25% discount throughout June.

These are the Ice Cream flavours:

  • Banana
  • Chocolate
  • Chocolate Banana
  • Chocolate Caramel
  • Chocolate Smooth
  • Chocolate Smooth
  • Double Chocolate
  • Milk Chocolate
  • Neapolitan & Tiramisu
  • Salted Caramel
  • Straciatella
  • Strawberry
  • Strawberry Cream
  • Strawberry Cream
  • Strawberry Delight
  • Strawberry Shortcake
  • Vanilla

Add them to your basket and use code: JUNE

The current “Spend and save” offer is also running. Now you can get a Free Mug with orders over £40.

For more information read the first post.

12th Myprotein Birthday offers!

Added on 23 May 2016 by Myprotein Discount Codes

Myprotein Birthday

This is Myprotein’s 12th Birthday. It was a long way since the start in 2004, but now Myprotein is the best and biggest brand in the sports nutrition business in Europe.

Now they have great offers to celebrate their birthday.

You can get 25% discount across the entire site with BIRTHDAY25.

Myprotein Alpha Men

You can buy these 12 selected products with 50% discount:

  1. Alpha Men
  2. Impact Diet Whey
  3. BCAA
  4. Thermo-Extreme
  5. Protein Crisps (6 x 25g packs)
  6. Energy Bar (12 x 60g)
  7. Active Woman
  8. Hurricane XS
  9. Pro Milk 50 RTD – 6 x 500ml
  10. Gluten Free Breadstick Bites
  11. Lean Muscle Bundle

Use this code at checkout: PARTYTIME

Myprotein Impact Whey Protein

You can buy 12 selected flavours of Impact Whey Protein with 30% discount:

  1. Birthday Cake
  2. Chocolate Cake
  3. Victoria Sponge Cake
  4. Apple Crumble & Custard
  5. Blueberry Cheesecake
  6. Chocolate Brownie
  7. Pecan Pie
  8. Rhubarb & Custard
  9. Rocky Road
  10. Sticky Toffee Pudding
  11. Strawberry Jam Roly Roly
  12. Tiramisu

Use this code at checkout: ALLTHEWHEY

Myprotein Birthday Black Box

You get a free Birthday Black box when you spend £60.

Use this code at checkout: PARTYBOX

All offers are valid until 23:00 on 26th May 2016 or while the promotional stocks last.

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