MP Reward Points, Referral Code

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MP Reward Points

MP Reward Points or MP Points earned by customers when they buy Myprotein products. The more you spend, the more points you earn. You can earn points after every pound you spend.

What are the points good for?

One pound spent earns you one MP Point. 100 MP Points worth £1. You can reduce your subtotal at checkout with these points. Enter your points at the basket for money off your purchase.

Points from referral – Referral Codes

There is another method which can refill your MP Points: Referral Codes. Each customer has it’s own referral code. Send it to your friends, once they register they can use your code. You get 5 MP Points after every pound they spend.

Myprotein MP Referral Code
You can save off a huge amount of money. For example, one of your friends using your referral code and spend £50. Then you get 250 MP Points which is £2.5 discount for you. And this is just one of your friends. Imagine what happens if 10 friends using your referral code.

Collect as much you can and cut off your basket value.

Don’t forget that new customers who don’t use a referral code can get 10% Discount.


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