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MP Selection Box

We have some new product from Myprotein. The first is the MP Sample Selection Box which is an Impact Whey sample selection with 20 delicious flavours. It helps you taste the new flavours of Impact Whey Protein, that you haven’t ever tried. It’s good, because of the large number of flavours (56 flavours yet).

Now you get this Impact Whey Protein Sample Selection Box Free when you spend £40 or more.

Just enter the code SELECTS and the box will be automatically added to your basket.

Valid until midnight 15 September 2016.

Active Women Pre Workout

There is a new range for Women, it’s called Active Women range. It includes 5 new products, specially designed for Women to add them support in fat loss.

Here is the list of these:

  1. Active Women Pre-Workout – Natural caffeine female pre-workout formula
    • 75mg of caffeine from Guarana and Green Tea Extract
    • 4g of BCAAs from Fermented BCAA Powder
    • Contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue
  2. Active Women Vegan Blend – Low Calorie Female Vegan Shake
    • Less than 90 calories and over 16g of plant-based protein per serving
    • Natural flavours, gluten free and no added sugar
    • Designed specifically for active women with fortified vitamins and minerals
  3. Active Women Meal Replacement – Very low calorie diet shake formulated for females!
    • Low calorie and nutrient dense formula
    • Designed specifically for active women with fortified vitamins and minerals
    • High in protein and low in fat and sugar
  4. Active Women Diet Capsules – Premium Female Weight Loss formula
    • Kola Nut can help support slimming and contributes to body weight control
    • Niacin contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue and normal energy-yielding metabolism
    • Caffeine increases alertness and concentration
  5. Active Women Collagen & Coconut – Comprehensive female skin capsule
    • Trending ingredients found in many beauty products
    • Contains 500mg of coconut oil
    • Contains 500mg of collagen, the body’s main protein source for connective tissue

Back to School

A big offer is currently running. You can get 30% discount on your entire order when you buy a Myprotein Bestseller product.

It’s worth checking out the product, because it includes Proteins like Impact Whey, Carbohydrates like Instant Oats, Aminos and many more.

Add products to your basket and use code: GYM

Ends at midnight on 8 September 2016.

Myprotein BCAA

The last one now is Free Myprotein BCAA when you spend £30 or more.

Just add a 1KG BCAA to your basket and enter code: MYBCAA

Ends at midnight on 08 September 2016.


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